Interpersonal Health


My work in research consists of examining the critical underpinnings of therapeutic processes and the broad range of theoretical approaches to mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. I’ve coined this area of study “Interpersonal Health” and will be referring to it as such to simplify matters from this point forward. 


Interpersonal health theory is the term I’ve opted to use to describe the collective findings I’ve studied within areas of theoretical research across a variety of intersecting fields of study related to  neuroscience, attachment, and early infant mental and emotional growth and developmental health. 

My personal research within this perspective explores the critical connections between the psyche, the body, consciousness, spirituality &  correlations to one’s health across the lifespan.

More specifically, I research the important connections between the health of an individual or group and the health of their environment and culture through an interpersonal perspective that considers ecology, collective trauma, cross-cultural dynamics, and developmental health.

[With these findings] I promote awareness and provide education related to the latest academic research studies in developmental neuroscience underlying the biobehavioral mechanisms associated with trust, intimacy, attachment, communication and interpersonal health.

My journey of personalized education has fostered:

  • advanced therapeutic skills and practices
  • alternative healing modalities
  • non- linear paradigms
  • individual and group consultation skills

I enjoy honing the expression of my unique voice and vision through multiple creative outlets including but not limited to academic research, writing, publication, and presentation. 


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